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You will be working alongside a mahout (elephant carer) who has years of experience and draws upon generations of tribal knowledge about elephants.The activities you will be getting involved with on a daily basis include: Feeding – The elephants are fed twice a day and their main source of nourishment comes from the leaves and branches of trees.With a herd of around 250 permanent resident elephants, the area is one of the most visited national parks in the whole country.Be sure to keep an eye out for many of the wild birds and reptiles that you will also encounter on the safari as well.The national park was specifically created to provide a sanctuary for the wild animals displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir.The reserve thus provides an important habitat for many Sri Lankan elephants with many attracted to the park because of the reservoir.You will assist the mahout in walking the elephants around the project site or through the village to the river, giving them the daily exercise they need.Given the history some of these elephants have had, we do not endorse or allow any commercial riding of the elephant to take place at the project.

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Washing – The elephants are also bathed twice a day.

As the elephants are older, they require regular health checks.